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aw... the wedding blog is up and running - yay!


and it's looking really good too! typepad just made a whole bunch of changes to everything so hopefully it will be a lot easier to do things.


hello there, nice site. just to let you know bob, ive just spoken to Paul Stanley and he's going to see if Gene and Ace are up for doing a few songs at your wedding. Will let you know. Ta ra 4 noo.


just found out about this lovely occasion and congrats to all! is johnboy organising Kiss to play at this wedding!!!


Ahhh, let the chinese whispers commence...


sorry Bob. Kiss are getting facelifts that day, but Saxon say they will definately be available. Cheers Pad.

Dorothy Myres

Hi Bob and Beck,
I love Weddings and we had our's at Tarney's Grove, New England. It was a lovely day and I can see by your site that you are looking forward to a long life together. I love wedddings and have attended 234 in the last 24 months, I just love weddings! Can my husband Ford, come too? We hope you like Cherry pie


We prefer black forrest gateaux, mostly.


Hello petal and (hmmmmm - what's an appropriate term of affection for a man who's stealing our bec away but must be all that and then some to have won her heart so....) Bob. Nice site kids, sorry Bec, I dropped the ball a bit and lost contact until I got your delightful invite. Wish I was over there right now.. summer right? Freezing my arse of here and thinking of you.

Ms. Sam

Does the The Glasgow Opera House remind me of anything? A Giant Metal Sandworm!

And apparently Richard got to kiss Jonsi from Sigur Ros. On the mouth!

Love to you both!
Ms. Sam


the white sergeant, military two step, canadian barn dance and the canadian barn dance (progressive), gay gordons, strip the willow...

argh so many different dances for the ceilidh! are any reminiscent to the 'bus stop'...

not long now! so looking forward to catching up with you all:)


Robyn Casey

Hi Bec and Bob, what a cute blog! Never actually signed into one before so Hope I'm doing it right. I'll also endeavour to induct the twisted sisters and yoda into the technological age (well actually Sandy is the only highly resistant one).

love Robbie

Robyn Casey

Hi Again, So soon you think! well I could not help but comment that the big metal thing looks like a very scarey version of Syndey's opera house - Hate to be unkind but what were they thinking!


Ms. Sam

Where's the red-eye reduction when you need it? Picture 4 had you both looking lovely but possessed by spirits. The mini's are so cute! And don't men in lits look fetching?

Richard Watts

Tag, you're it! And no, you can't shout 'Barley!'

You now have to post 20 things about your collective selves for the rest of us to read about.

Go on, you know you want to.

Nicky Paton

Hello Bob!! and a special first hello to the gorgeous Bec. Congratulations to you both!

I found your site when a friend emailed a whole bunch of us with email addresses exposed (no need to mention any names - bless him).

Mr Bob - I sent an email to your old address months and months ago - it would be good to catch up and share news... drop me an email when you get a sec.

love to you both and have fun,
Nicky P x

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